Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tunisian Crochet Afghans

Baby and me are both doing well. But I've had way more contractions this time around than I ever did with the first two, and my doctors have put me on a partial bedrest... Kinda. 

Since I'm not supposed to be up as much, doing all that I usually do, I've started crocheting like crazy again. I even taught myself a new type of stitch, Tunisian crochet! For those who don't know, it's almost like crocheting and knitting combined just a bit. You put all your stitches on your hook, like you do with a knitting needle, then you work them back off. 

I found a ton of great links and videos to help me learn how to do it all.

* This link taught me how to do the basic stitch. There were a few others that I also looked at to make sure I was able to get the hang of it, but this one was the most easy for me to follow.

* This link taught me how to make my own graph patterns. Tunisian crochet makes it really easy to crochet graphs. You can create basically anything, if you have a graph to follow. So I used this link to help me figure out how to make those graph patterns.

* This video helped me figure out how to change colors while crocheting. You can't simply just change colors quite as easily with Tunisian crochet as you can with normal crochet. But this video helped me to figure it out. 

In the past three or four weeks, I've made four afghans, and I have orders to make at least 4 more already... possibly 5 or 6 if some friends were serious about wanting them. I also have a couple patterns I worked up for myself that I want to try out. I made a Tardis one, since I have a recently acquired Doctor Who addiction. And I also am going to make a Beyonce one in honor of the bloggess! I may end up sending those to some special friends when I make them. We really don't need anymore blankets around here. 

Anyways... Here's the ones that I have done so far.
***This University of Tennessee Vols afghan I made for Chris for his birthday last month. He slept with it every night for a week... Which made me feel awesome! I think he actually really likes it. And this was my first actual attempt at Tunisian Crochet and I think it turned out really well.

***This was the second blanket I made. It's kinda hard to read the E, but it's for a very special friend and her new little girl. I haven't had a chance to send it yet (thank you pregnancy issues) but I'll get it sent soon. I hope she likes it.

***This afghan I made for my niece for her 6th birthday. When my nieces and nephews saw Chris's afghan, they asked me for ones for them, so I'm going to slowly go through and make one for each one of them. Hopefully I'll be able to get them done over this next year. They work up pretty quickly (this one only took about 2 1/2 days.) So hopefully they won't take me too long.

*** This afghan I made for my nephew (GO TITANS!) He asked for a T like the one I made for my husband, but he wanted blue on it I think... or maybe he said red. Either way, I got the idea to do a titans one. It was fun to create the patter on this one and put it all together. I LOVE how it turned out. And I hope he loves it. 

Anyways, I am taking orders for afghans. I can work up nearly any image/symbol/initials/monograms... whatever, and can ship anywhere in the US and Canada. For more information, you can check out my Facebook page here: This Mama Is Crazy

Pricing and Sizes:
Tunisian Afghans
Newborn (24"x30") $30
Baby (30"x36") $35
Toddler (36"x42) $40
Kid (42"x48") $50
Lapghan (36"x48") $45
Adult (48"x72") $70

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