Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I've been on some new meds for about a week now, and I think they're really working. I've been much more calm, having less panic attacks, and in turn, less contractions. This is a wonderful thing, in my opinion. I'm being a better mom and wife to my family.

The meds are not without side effects though. I'm more tired than I have been. I can deal with that though. I'm able to take naps some days. I've also been feeling more sick than I had been. I have yet to throw up from it, but it's been there... It may be slowly fading, and I'm praying it disappears, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I do feel a bit like I'm in a fog. But I can deal with the fog (for now.) I may get sick of it at some point... but I'll deal with that then.

This is just a trial run on the meds to see if they help me and the baby. I've also started going in to see the doc every 2 weeks now, a bit early. It's to help monitor the meds.

To me it is very encouraging that the meds are working so well. That means that the recent string of panic attacks and depression is hormonal and not mental. YAY! That means once I'm done being pregnant, and perhaps nursing, I'll hopefully be back to my normal self... Which I don't quite remember just who that is... It's been a while.

For now, I'm grateful for the option to take meds. For now they are working and I'm praying there are no adverse side effects for the baby.

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