Monday, September 30, 2013

I need some distractions (cause now Sarah Mclachlan is stuck in my head.)

In an attempt to try and distract myself from certain challenges I find myself facing...

Here's an awesome road a few miles from me...

A friend made the comment that he would absolutely send people MILES out of the way when giving them directions to his house... just so they would have to drive down "Bonerwood."

While I was taking the pic, I had to make a comment about the "angle" of the picture. 
I couldn't resist. 
My gutter mind wouldn't leave me alone until I said it out loud.
And now my mind is running wild with comments that I can't post.
So yeah, that's a good place to stop. 

1 comment:

Jan said...

I remember living not far from there and doing the Beavis and Butthead laugh every time I passed that street. And I just did the same thing when I saw this. Seriously. How old am I, anyhow?