Sunday, August 5, 2012

30 by 30

With my birthday coming at the end of this month, I have decided to create a small bucket list. I will be 28 this year, so that leaves 2 more years in my 20's. I made this little list of things to do before that 30th birthday gets here. So here ya go...

30 by 30
  1.  Run a half marathon, the Warrior Dash, and the Color Run.
  2. Take a road trip by my lonesome and stop whenever I want.
  3.  Take ball room dancing lessons.
  4. Find my go to Karaoke song.
  5. Have baby number 3.
  6. Turn an internet only friend into a real life friend.
  7. Ride in either a Hot Air Balloon or a Helicopter, maybe both, not at the same time.
  8.  Have a large vegetable garden and keep it alive.
  9. Do a family hike and camp out trip.
  10. Write letters and send picture regularly to family.
  11. Learn how to really play the guitar.
  12. Go someplace I need a passport for.
  13. Visit Niagra Falls.
  14.  Tour the "mormon" trail.
  15. Catch up on all my scrapbooking.
  16. Ride a horse again.
  17. Participate in a flash mob.
  18. Volunteer regularly
  19. Take the kids to Disney World
  20. Visit Harry Potter world
  21.  Do an anniversary photo shoot for our 10 year (kinda like an engagement shoot)
  22.  Paint all the rooms in the house.
  23. Attend a giant music festival (bonnaroo?)
  24. Have Blue/Turquoise hair… this is gonna happen!
  25. Fill out our family tree book for the kids.
  26. Train my dogs so they don't drive me crazy.
  27. Go white water rafting with Handsome, this time on the same raft as my hubby ;)
  28. Write in my journal weekly at least.
  29. Get a gun license and learn to use the dang thing.
  30. Read start to finish all the Scriptures. (Old and New testament, BOM, D&C and PoGP)

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