Saturday, September 21, 2013

When I die, I wanna die here...

That may sound a bit morbid... But the Narrows of the Harpeth are absolutely stunning.

I needed a bit of a break today, so I took the trip out there, all by my lonesome. 
 Even the drive into the park is GORGEOUS
 The water on the front side of the river was so still... the reflections you could see in it were amazing.
 I love these old stairs
 And these rocks
 Here is the first of the steep climbs up the bluff to the top. 
 "Sanctuary"... I wonder if they'd let me on that list too.
 Does anyone else see the Letter K in this next one?
 Next time I'll remember a pocket knife to add my  name
 More pathway
 I think this tree is awesome. Obviously... something has been trying to kill it... but it just keeps rising above it and continuing to live.
 The view from the top.

 The edge... I had an epiphany today while I was sitting at the top of the bluff looking out and down. I'm terrified of heights. TERRIFIED. And while the view is incredible, every once in a while I'd look down and see how high up I was, and my body would tense up, my head would start spinning, and I'd get sick to my stomach... terrified that I'd fall over the edge... which was absolutely ridiculous, because I wasn't even close to the edge. I was sitting on safely on a solid rock. I do that all the time in real life. Even though I'll be sitting safely on solid ground, I'll start freaking out about things that will never happen. Hopefully, from now on, I'll be able to better remind myself to not let my fear and anxiety get the best of me, and keep me from enjoying "the view."

 Happy Clouds. They were so pretty today!
 So... These pics are mostly trees, rocks, and pathways... If you don't like these things... Turn back now.
 I love this next tree. The branches are SO amazing. Even those this isn't what most people think of when they think of a pretty tree, I think the chaos of it all is far more beautiful than a cookie cutter pear shaped tree.
 and back down the bluff
 And around the backside... more trees, with the sun shining through. 
 some history on the narrows

 The "pond"
 And another fear faced... SPIDERS. They were all over the place. This one was a bit bigger than a quarter, and made me pee my pants when I almost stepped on him. 
 The waterfall... This is actually a tunnel. The Harpeth river travels around a 5 mile loop and comes within just a few hundred yards of itself. Years ago a tunnel was blasted out of the bluff. It's gorgeous. 

 Oh, and I made a friend... or not... This little guy made me POOP my pants. Not really... but seriously... I about had a heart attack when I saw him. He was bigger than my hand. No clue what kind of spider he is, but I was TERRIFIED.
 Tree trunk
Tree stump 

 I climbed up the side of the bluff... and this is the view while I was standing on top of the tunnel where the waterfall feeds out into the river.

I have no clue what this is... but I saw it on/in a rock. 
Roots... I love roots. 
More roots... When roots are exposed like this... It reminds me of bones. Does anyone else think so? 

 The property on the other side of the river is Private Property... and there were some "good ol' boys" out there shooting. I about nearly pooped myself again when I heard the gun fire. but I think they were just shooting off some rounds for fun.

 And roots
 Today I went down a different trail, one I've never gone down before... and this is what I found at the end...
 It looks like something you'd see in a movie. I can't wait to go back and have a picnic there!

Anyways... I'll post more on my wonderful trip and experience later. It was a very beautiful day and I'm so grateful I was able to go. I can't wait to share this place with those that I love. 

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Neely Fam said...

Nice pics Keaven. It was a really nice day when you went.