Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Back in the Game!

Handsome has been asking me for a while to start couponing again. I've done it for years, but when we moved into our house last year, I really dropped the ball and I haven't picked it back up in the past year. We have done a couple things recently to help save us  money on our grocery bill, but we need a bit more help.

So I have spent the past two days slowly clipping coupons and reorganizing my binder to get back into the game. I'm surprised at how many coupons I've actually saved recently. My binder is more full than I expected. So I've gone through a couple of my favorite websites ( is a great one) to help me match my current coupons with the current sales and I made one grocery list for the things that we can use. (I try not to get anything I won't actually use. There are some great deals out there, but it's stuff we'd never use, so what's the point in wasting my time on it?) Grocery list no. 1 done.

Then I went through our WIC vouchers (I spread them out through the month) and made a shopping list for them. Grocery list no. 2 done.

Then I made a meal menu plan keeping in mind what was on my first two grocery lists (I do plan out dinner every night, then just make a list of ideas for breakfast and lunch.) Then I thought through those recipes and made Grocery list no. 3.

(BTW, here's a couple recipes We're gonna try out the next couple weeks!)
Beef and Cheddar Casserole
Chicken Pot Pie
White Bean Chili

In all, I'll probably be going to three or four different stores, and shopping off my three separate grocery lists. I'm hoping to keep my total under $100. Not bad for two weeks worth of groceries for our family of 4. (Also, when I know ahead of time what's for dinner every night, and have a list of ideas for breakfast, lunch, and even snacks planned out as well, We spend MUCH MUCH MUCH less on eating out/fast food. Which helps save money as well!) But I know I can do better. We're hoping to get to the point where our monthly grocery spending is between $100 and $150. We'll see if I can get there. Like I said before, it's gonna take me another month or two or three before I really start saving extra money from the couponing. You've got to build up your stock not only of coupons, but also of the things you buy regularly.

Either way, It feels great to have a game plan for everything. Now I just have to find the time and energy to actually DO the shopping! Wish me luck!

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