Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ready, Set... DRAW

So, last night I picked up some pens and paper and started drawing and I have hardly stopped all day. 

I'm making name prints for family and friends and I'm thinking about maybe opening up an etsy shop for them... If I do, I have so many different crafts I make, I wonder what in the world I would call my shop.

Anyways... Here's some of the stuff I've done today.

These are using a Bug/Insect theme.

This next one I did using a Sea theme. I think it's one of my favorites.

Here is a kite theme. I'm thinking about doing a few more cute quotes and sayings.


And my last one of the night... Safari. 

As soon I have the chance, I'll open up that shop and get this thing going... maybe making some extra cash ;) 
I did start a Flickr account for stuff, and I'll be adding more pics of new themes there. 

Either way, All this drawing has helped to relieve some of the funk I've felt over the past few days. (some very sweet messages from friends and family have helped too. Thanks to those who I've talked to or who have written me. You've been great help.)

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