Friday, June 8, 2012

Too much to think straight

So much has happened since Tuesday, that I'm going to have to go through and post stuff one at a time, but I can't yet, because this weekend is going to be NUTS.

But here's a little sample...
1. Went to planned parenthood and was bombarded by some people who ended by telling me they'd pray for my soul.
2. Had my first Therapist visit, and I think I may have overwhelmed him.
3. We got a new VAN! New to us anyways, but 2 seconds after we got it I locked all the keys in it, and after trying to break in for almost 3 hours, I finally gave in and called a locksmith.
4. The girls are doing their dance recital tomorrow and I can't stand how cute they are in it. I'm going to cry like crazy.
5. Trying to get ready for the rest of the weekend... Recitals, Reunions, Church, and family visiting... It should be fun.
6. I have to update y'all on my crazy meds! There's going to be some big changes in the next couple weeks and I hope that myself and those around me survive!
7. Dying my hair purple... photos to come.

More to come. But seriously, my brain hurts from all the thinking I've been doing, so I need to give it a break.

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