Friday, May 25, 2012

In an attempt to be more normal

I decided to make a Summer Bucket List with the girls.

I've seen tons of them all over and even tried to make one last year, but nothing really happened from it.

So I had an idea.  I need a way to see what our options are check it off easily.

So I came up with this...

I took some cute Butterfly shaped post-its and wrote one thing to do on each one then stuck them on our huge dry erase board. 

I also used my multi-colored sharpies to try and make it even cuter. 
To be honest, I don't really care what it looks like... it's our list and it's done. 

I'm thinking that on Sundays we'll decide what we're going to do that week and when... We only have like 60 something days til school starts back up, and I think there are over 60 things to do, so we probably won't get to all of them, but having the option to pick and choose makes me happy. Also, some of them we can do more than once, so we won't be removing it from our list once it's done.  Some of these are local places and some are general things to do. Some we'll invite friends along and some we won't. 

Anyways, Here's our Summer bucket list!

  1. Visit opry Mills
  2.  go to the Adventure Science Center
  3. Go to Sonic in Nolensville for Happy Hour
  4. Visit cool Springs Mall
  5. Play in the Sand Box
  6. Have a slumber party
  7. Play dress up
  8. Mamie Camp (the girls will go and spend the week with my mom ;) I'm excited about this one and so are they!)
  9. Go to the Lake
  10. Go to the zoo
  11. swim in the backyard
  12. Go to the harpeth River
  13. Visit the Library for story time
  14. Visit the new downtownn park
  15. Visit the farmers market
  16. Play with playdough
  17. Go to Memphis
  18. Visit Cane Ridge Park
  19. Visit Beech Bend Park
  20. Set up a tent in the yard and camp out
  21. Go to a Sounds Baseball Game
  22. Go to Chattanooga
  23. Wash the cars
  24. Ride bikes
  25. Visit centennial park
  26. Walk the dogs
  27. Visit Mickey D's play place
  28. Play at the School playground
  29. Plant flowers
  30. Read stories
  31. Make a treat for some friends
  32. Visit Chick-fil-A play place
  33. Build a fort
  34. Movie night at home
  35. Lunch with Mrs. Evelyn
  36. Go to the drive in
  37. Play with sidewalk chalk
  38. Go to the farm
  39. Go see a movie ($2 theater)
  40. Work on sight words
  41. Visit the LDS Nashville Temple
  42. Make mud pies
  43. Play with Bubbles
  44. Play hide and seek
  45. Mani/Pedi's
  46. Paint pictures
  47. Have a treasure hunt
  48. Feed the ducks
  49. Visit a bounce house
  50. Go bowling
  51. Walk around the Opryland Hotel
  52. Visit the splash pad
  53. Slip n slide
  54. Have a picnic
  55. Take the Purity Dairy tour
  56. Shaving Cream Slip n slide
  57. Pick strawberries
  58. Visit Moss Wright Park
  59. Go to the library puppet show
  60. Visit Cheekwood botanical gardens
  61. Visit the Frist art museum
  62. Fly kites
  63. Play at the Bicentennial mall
  64. go roller skating
  65. visit the hermitage
  66. make books
  67. go get ice cream
  68. paint faces
  69. dance party
  70. Putt putt golf
  71. memorize articles of faith
  72. go to kids kingdom
  73. make bird houses
  74. make sock puppets
  75. have a yard sale
  76. visit the fire department
  77. have a tea party
  78. go fishing
  79. decorate shirts
  80. catch fireflies
If you think of any other fun things to do this summer, please let me know. If you'd like to join us on any of these, let me know.  Hopefully this will keep me from hanging out on the couch all summer with the TV on.  Hopefully I'll have the will power!

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