Monday, July 2, 2012


So, I have a friend who is all about Chakra at the moment. Being the curious cat that I am (or just procrastinating... yeah... procrastinating) , I've been online all morning googling Chakra and Mormon together to see how they all fit.  

I have always believed that there is more truth than the very basic mormon teachings... Not that I don't believe 100% in the LDS teachings. I do. But I am fascinated by the other stuff... less "doctorine" stuff and the more "up for your own interpretation" kinda thing. I have read many books like "the Secret" and watched videos like The Stickman Presentation and believe in certain universal laws that may not be preached about from a pulpit directly, but are still there, between the lines. 

Anyways... I found this article this morning on Chakras and Mormons and LOVED what it said... especially about TRUTH... Whether it's gospel truth or universal truth, it's all HIS truth. 

I'm completely fascinated now and want to read SO much more... but it's Monday and I need to get off here and clean my house, so it'll have to wait. :/ But I can't wait to learn more.  

Anyone else ever read or looked into this stuff before?

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