Friday, July 6, 2012

Writing day 5... Getting bored with it

There I said it... I'm getting bored with these prompts. Seriously...

"Do you come out and admit it when you're joking around, or do you leave people wondering?"

What the??? What kind of question is that? What's the relevancy? Whatever... I'll answer it. (I'm thinking I'm just extra tired and cranky at the moment. Don't take anything that will be said personally.)

I think I do generally admit when I'm joking... Like "Just Kidding... You're face doesn't actually look like a bull just crapped on it." Also, not admitting that I'm joking or, uh... that made it sound like I was saying "NO I wasn't joking" when I was. Let me start that sentence over. By not coming out and saying that YES I AM JOKING, I have started a couple arguments in my marriage. I think this usually happens when we're both tired. One of us is just tired and cranky and DONE and the other one is all butt crack slap happy and tries to make a joke about some random crap and then the other one takes it seriously at first and makes a snappy reply to which to the first one gets defensive and starts getting serious just when the second one realizes it was a joke and then tries to joke back, but OH NO, it's too late cause the second one already went and got all serious on the first one's ass... Yeah... Me and the hubs don't do this very often. 
Okay, So maybe we do! GOSH. Why do have to point out what an awful marriage I have.  JUST KIDDING!!!!

hahahahahaha... I just made myself laugh... for reals. That was an ACTUAL LOL!!!

Okay... so I've gone from cranky tired to slap happy tired in the past few minutes. 
Maybe this post wasn't such a stupid idea after all.

(I was totally gonna schedule this post to post on Friday then I looked at the clock and guess what? It is totally friday so I'm just gonna post it now suckas! Then I'm gonna go hit the hay! Night ya'll!)

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