Friday, July 6, 2012

Where else can I whine but here?

This is MY blog after all, and I can whine if I want to.

Today sucks... For absolutely no reason at all. Okay fine... maybe there is a ton of shit on my  mind.

Want a list?

  • I'm worried about my sister
  • I need to call our car ins and switch it over
  • I need to call the dr office to schedule my daughter's apt to get her up to date on shots
  • I'm worried about the truck we sold to another sister
  • I need to call the hospital to schedule payments
  • I need to call a friend about writing for his website
  • I need to finish cleaning my house... no REALLY cleaning... Not just picking up and vacuuming, but dusting and washing and scrubbing and organizing.
  • I need to finish hanging up the laundry.
  • Both my daughters are sick from how hot it's been (they're both broken out all over their faces and backs and arms in heat rash.)
  • My yard is dead. I want a garden. I can't have one.
  • I need to take my dogs out but they stink and I don't feel good enough to give them a bath.
  • Hubby is at work so I'm left at home all alone to deal with this funk myself.
  • I lost my phone so I have no ones numbers and don't really know who'd I'd call anyways.
  • I need to finish a painting.
  • I need to finish coloring the  name signs for my nieces and nephews.

 I've tried distractions. I've tried working on my list. Nothing is helping and I just keep sinking farther and father today. It's BOLOGNA! I can't see that word and not say Bo-log-nah in my head. Just can't.

I need good pick me up ideas. Comment and let me know what you do to pick yourself up. I need some ideas...

So 1...2...3... GO.  Comment.  What are you waiting for? Hurry Up! Do it! NOW. 

Okay, I'm sorry for yelling. I just hate feeling funky. 

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