Thursday, July 5, 2012

NaBloPoMo... day 4

So... Yesterday I was sitting at my in-laws house, just talking and watching everyone around me, when all of the sudden my Sister-in-law comes and starts picking fingernails out of my hair.

Yeah... You read that right.


They were her husband's.  He had been sitting behind me, chewing his nails off and flicking them in my hair. He thought it was funny... and it kinda is... except that it was MY hair.

Well, we all know what Pay Back is... right?
(I don't want to say it... or write it rather... Okay fine... It's a bitch!)

So today's NaBloPoMo is "What prank do you wish you had the guts or expertise to pull off?"

Well, dear brother in law of mine, here are some fun pranks I wish I could do back to you...

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